We arrived in the evening last night so I took a bus to the closest center near our hotel and then a taxi the final distance. I was not about to try and locate our street in the dark dragging a suitcase and pushing a stroller…nope.

This hotel was the best one we have had so far. It had a restaurant where we ate dinner and it also had breakfast included. It looks like a modern American hotel. The staff is super nice too and love to get Fierce’s attention.


In the morning, it was raining so I borrowed an umbrella and then took a bus to see the Village Museum. It was really neat, but the houses / huts were not open because of the bad weather. Fierce just had to jump in the mud puddles so I changed his outfit before we left. I must have stood at the bus stop to go home for at least 20 minutes in the rain and then the bus didn’t even come to the side of the road to stop as it went past us. I followed it as far as I could -pretty far actually and I never once saw a bus stop. Well, the sidewalks were just covered in water so I was having to walk the edges while pushing the stroller through the water baths. Not one taxi stopped to my hails…and Fierce started to whimper…Finally a taxi stopped, but it was because someone else had called and ordered one and the pickup point just happened to be where we were. He couldn’t get ahold of another taxi for me so he let us get in and brought us to our hotel. Thank you!!!!! We changed again and played in the hotel for a while. Then we ran out just for a few minutes to a near-by grocery store for some snacks…I had run out of Fierce’s airport fruit snacks!!! Uh-oh!!! I hoped the replacements were ok 🙂

Fierce napped as we waited for our dinner reservation at a traditional restaurant that played folk music. Well, dinner was worth the whole trip to Romania! It had an antique accessory atmosphere with live traditional music. Later a man sang in traditional dress from the northern region of the country. Then some Spanish singers and dancers performed. A soloist sang and then a girl gave a solo presentation on the violin. The live music was amazing! Fierce was jumping and dancing along while clapping to the beat. I think he liked it 😉







Day two and the History Museum was not open so I decided to go farther and see the Presidential Palace. Well, they said I needed my passport- not a copy of it, my military ID or my license- only the physical passport so I couldn’t enter. Instead, Fierce fell asleep so I went to a coffee shop to rest my poor feet. Fierce stretched and fell back asleep 1/2 out of the cart- very funny.

Later, I went to the Botanical Gardens thinking that he would like to run around, but he just kept on sleeping so I decided to start walking back. I made it quite a ways and he woke up when we were right next to a play ground…Nice! He played for a long time and then we made the trek back to the hotel.

That night, we went to CaraCuBere, which is an old ornate building with stained glass windows. They have a few dancers during the dinner as well. I liked my apple strudel dessert best of everything I tried. The food seemed a bit more commercial than the night before, but we still had such a great time. Before I left I asked the restaurant to call a taxi for me and Fierce. There was no way I was going to try and hail one down 😉











Our last day we had a night flight so we took our time eating breakfast and getting ready. Basically we hung out until we had to check out. I left our luggage at the hotel and we walked the city for a while. I walked over an jour trying to find a Romanian soccer jersey for Wes. I finally found a Nike store, but they didn’t have one.

On my way back, we stopped at Capsa Cara and had fancy chocolate deserts and coffee (milk for Fierce). The hotel is very beautiful and ornately decorated. We went back to the hotel, gathered up our things and took the bus to the airport. We were early so I let Fierce play in a play place the airport had. I don’t mind being super early because every airport is a bit different. This one had us use a separate security gate because we had a stroller. So strange, but hey it ended up being quicker so no complaints here!