Copenhagen & The End to a Great Trip

Our first tourist stop was Denmark’s castle. It was very intrinsically decorated, but had a dark hunting lodge feel. They wouldn’t let me take the stroller in and Fierce had just fallen asleep again so I had to carry him through the whole castle and up three flights of stairs and then down one to see the treasury. I thought the rings were neat. At least three of them had bugs on top as a decoration. I might have to bring this back, but I might stick to ladybugs 😉










Fierce was up for the Art Museum so I just made sure we stopped at all things interactive. The coolest was a Japanese exhibit where you could paint with water and it would disappear so the next person could give it a try. I pointed out every puppy, bird, flower, etc. that Fierce might like in the paintings. “Oh look! It’s a puppy!!!” We did a puzzle of sorts in the Eurpean Art section as well as some drawing. He tried out some headphones that told a story of one of the paintings. I think he wished it had music.





Later we went shopping because I almost always find something cool for Wes to wear and I really hadn’t seen anything. We got stuck at a toy store for a while and then got back to the hunt. I finally did find a cool dress shirt…yaya!

We started out the next day at the pool because even I was disappointed it wasn’t open the night before. We spent about three hours going from toddler pool to toddler pool. They are all different temperatures and heights. Fierce loved playing with the buckets and balls as well as the fountains. He was so tired that by the time I asked him if he wanted to leave, he just laid his head on my shoulder.

We dried off and put our winter gear back on and headed for food. I ordered pancakes and ice cream and a latte. Fierce fell asleep on my lap before the food came. It was delicious and so beautiful!



We went to the Palace afterwards. The church is stunning and is done in yellows, creams and whites. The ruins are pretty neat since they are basically what is left of the original two palaces after fires destroyed them. The third construction is what you see today and is mostly used for government entertaining. These rooms are grand. I would love to spend a day reading in its library. I also wouldn’t mind having one of the chandeliers in my entry way 🙂 This was one of my favorite places to see in Copenhagen.









I took a different path to the shopping center and found a brunch spot…so good! I think Fierce ate more there than he has all week. The street had an H&M with sales! I got Fierce a few shirts and then we headed back. We made one last stop at the Disney Store and he hugged a plush doll of Mickey like it was his best friend. Then he saw a Cars die cast and started jumping up and down. I told him he could have one for the plane ride home and he picked the cars while signing “please” over and over again. He played with them in the store until they closed. He didn’t want to leave…What a great way to end a full and fun day 🙂




Time to go home and see Wes and Zuko! I am so grateful for our little adventure and hope there are many more to come in the future!