Welcome to Thailand!

I have to admit right off the bat that I was trying to prepare for a 18 hours worth of flights so I didn’t pack light this time…plus my mom already said she would help carrying some bags 😉 I made “busy bags” or small crafts for Fierce like making Mr. Potato Head out of felt pieces. I also brought books and a LOT of toys for him to play with. My mom spoiled him with a few which included his new favorite toy, Marshall by Paw Patrol. I think Marshall is in every photo of the trip. One of our friends, Susan gave him  a few books as well. I can’t tell you how many times I read The Little Red Caboose 🙂 My dad gave us all cards for the plane. He is so thoughtful. To keep Fierce busy before the flight, my mom was the “funnest” grandma ever and ran the belts that take you from one section of the airport to another. He had his little elbows up and pumping! Then a lady selling dinosaurs actually played with him for a good ten minutes. Fierce loved being on the plane for the first 12 hours. He was a little out-of-sorts during the layover in Japan and a bit grumpy for the start of the next 6 hour flight, but he fell asleep and we were all good. When we arrived in the airport he said, “It’s all over?” in a sweet, happy voice.

It took us a minute to find a taxi because the self service kiosk was not working, but Lynnae and my mom found us a nice mid sized vehicle and we made it to our beautiful hotel safe and sound. It was about 2:30 pm for us back home, but 2:30 am for us here in Thailand so we went to sleep and had very little jet lag. I did wake up at about 5 am staring at the ceiling so when Fierce woke up a little bit later and was getting louder, I took him to a wading pool to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful. Fierce put his feet in the water, then his legs, and then he was “swimming” and soaking wet. lol. People started to come up to him, say “hello” and then take his picture. By about 10:30 am I thought we were not going to make it 5 feet without someone wanting a photo with him.

Blake met up with us around about this time and we crammed into a tuk tuk along with the fold up stroller and weaved and dodged out way to the National Museum. They litterally don’t have stop signs so you just edge your way in until someone lets you turn. They also don’t believe in staying in the lanes of traffic and somehow it all works itself out. Aaaahhh freedom 🙂

The National museum was great! It was not at all like a traditional museum. It is mostly outdoors filled with ornate temples and courtyards. And…a 150′ Buddah! Fierce said, “It’s a statue! It’s a giant!” My mom was taking a group picture of Lynnae, Blake, Fierce and I when a Buddhist monk came by with his professional camera and also took our picture. I asked him if we could get another picture with him and he nodded yes and then wanted to make sure he got the same picture on his camera as well. I really don’t think under any other circumstance, that I would have ever dreamed of asking or even speaking to a monk.

We grabbed a Thai lunch afterwards where I had my first fruit smoothie here. They have tons of tropical flavors available. Mine was watermelon and it was so good I swore to try every flavor before we leave Thailand. I think I just replaced my ice cream addiction!

After lunch we went across the street to the Grand Palace where we were told that although our shoulders and knees were covered we had to have long pants and longer sleeves. Did I mention it is over a 100 degrees and muggy? Ya, we had to go back across the street to a set of vendors who just so happen to sell the appropriate pajama pants covered in a beautiful elephant pattern. Sometimes there is joy in laughing at yourself being a tourist. The Grand Palace was definitely worth seeing. We did have to get used to the wall to wall people also trying to visit the palace, but it was beautiful. The buildings temples are incredibly ornate and covered in murals.

I mentioned it was hot in Bangkok in March…we were drenched in sweat and decided to go back to the hotel to swim in the pool. Lynnae and Blake took turns splashing and throwing Fierce in the water. He was having so much fun. I could hardly get him out again. We all took really long naps. Then headed out to a street that was hopping. Every other restaurant and bar had their own music blaring. People were selling all kinds of street food, kids toys, clothing, etc. For dinner Fierce had a pizza while the rest of us loved every Thai dish we ordered. So far I have had a Chicken Pad Thai and a Green Curry. Both were delicious! I tried the Papaya smoothie with my dinner and it was also amazing. We took in the noise, sights and generall bustle for a bit longer and then took a taxi back to the hotel. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!

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  1. Keep it coming Kylene! I’m smiling from ear to ear with fond recollections!

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