Thailand: A Day in the Dusit Area & a Day Full of Shopping

Day 3:

Today we explored around our hotel in the Dusit area. We took a Tuk Tuk to Wat Benchamabophit. Fierce climbed up like a pro and decided the side seat was his. Mr. all grown up ๐Ÿ˜‰ This Wat was a smaller one, but it had a bridge and you could buy fish and then feed the bigger fish in the pond. Fierce thought this was fun. Then a girl asked to get her picture with us. With all of these photo ops, Fierce might be famous after this trip ๐Ÿ˜‰ One interesting thing I noticed on a poster at this Wat is that one should not use the image of Buddah for decoration and certainly not in a tattoo. It is considered extremely disrespectful.

We started walking to a nearby park, but ended up at the Dusit Zoo and decided to go inside. We saw snakes, bears, crocodiles, tigers and hippos. They had a kiddie pool area with a slide in the middle. Gigi gave Fierce some $ to go check it out and he loved it! Of course, I had to laugh because you had to buy a swimming cap in order to enter and if the adult wanted to go in the ankle deep water they had to wear a swimsuit too. Oh well, Fierce splashed away and had fun. He wanted to go down the slide, but buckets of water would come splashing down right before you got to it so one of the lifeguards helped him find a path away from the water above…so sweet.

The afternoon’s activities started by heading to see Blake’s apartment and Love, Love Cafe where he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner because he likes the people who work there and delicious food so much. Blake even gave Fierce a short motorcycle ride. Yup and let Fierce wear his helmet. Uncle Blake is the coolest! Afterwards, Blake watched Fierce for an hour while we all got massages. It had been raining and it finally let up so we went to the Chatachak Market. It is five football fields long and full of really touristy, artsy and fun wares. We tried some of the street food and everything was really good. I think my favorite was a seafood pancake with a sweet sauce on top that Lynnae let me try. We went to Mazzola Botique for dinner and had the best food yet! I had a beef tenderloin and veggies dish. Lynnae got a green curry pizza which tasted a lot better than it sounds. My mom got a stirfry seafood dish. Yum!

Day 4:

Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen! We went to St. Francis Xavier Church and listened to a service in Thai. We could only understand the Hallelujas, but it was really nice to see such a large group of Christians worshiping the Lord together in such a predominantly Buddhist country.

Jesus Loves the Little Children:

We shopped till we dropped today. We went downtown to Siam Center and Siam Square. The first is a shopping mall and the other is an outdoor market. I bought a Starbucks at the first and personalized luggage tags at the second.

It down poured so we ducked into Discover Center and shopped some more. Then we met up with Blake at a night market called Rot Fai Train. It was my favorite market. I got a skirt for myself and a shirt and pants for Fierce. We ate Korean Barbeque over an open flame grill. Delicious! The ambiance was nice too. There were Christmas lights overhead, antique cars in the back and cute restaurants and bars around the perimeter. ย If you ever go to Bangkok…don’t miss this market!


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