Thai Silk & A Floating Market

First things first, we had coffee on our usual corner and then we had a delicious spicy soup about two blocks down. Then we were ready to tour. Thailand is known for its silk so my Mom, Fierce and I went to a reputable silk shop and had lots of fun looking at all of the beautiful fabrics. We both bought a few items and then stopped at a coffee shop. I bought Fierce a cake, but it was so bland he ate the free sugar packet instead 😉 lol Back on the street, my mom saw a tall building and swore she thought it would be a mall so we headed over there and sure enough it was the City Center Mall…she has quite the knack. Later we picked up Lynnae and Blake and had a nice dinner.

Day 11:

We woke up early to take a two hour taxi ride to the Floating Market, which really ended up being us renting a boat and floating through canals of stalls on land. There were a few people selling items from boats, but not many. It was still scenic and we ordered some Pad Thai with seafood. It had an octopus in it and Fierce actually tried it! He wouldn’t eat anything “different” all week, but octopus looked good 😉 We stopped at a temple and Fierce wouldn’t give up the Pad Thai. All of the locals were laughing at the baby clinging to his Pad Thai. One guy got him a bag so he could carry it around the temple. Thinking about it later, I realized Fierce really just cared about that octopus.

Driving Through Thailand. Yes, this is a street where huge vans pass through. lol

We decided to hang around the pool until we went to a really nice dinner at Aquitina Restaurant with Blake later. I got steamed sea bass with a spicy lime sauce and it was delicious. We did a little shopping. Blake made up a deal that he would get a better price on a ring if he won at rock, paper, scissors and then lost and had to pay the asking price. haha. I bought Fierce a scorpion on a stick and he tasted it as well! We have come a long way! Then we headed back to get ready to pack.

Scorpion on a Stick