St. John, We Have Arrived!


Fierce took his first flight yesterday!
There were several layovers so I made sure he got his wiggles out by having him “walk” the halls. In the NY airport on the way to San Juan there was a little treasure chest play area for kids. He leaned up against the bottom of the slide and had a blast watching the older kids zoom past him. Some of the kids tried to speak to me, but they all spoke Spanish and I am a little (a lot) rusty.
Fierce waves at just about everyone going by and people just melt. I think they forget that they have their own gate to get to entirely. One passenger even handed their phone over so Fierce could make it light up. By the time we sat in our seats each time, Fierce was out cold and slept almost the whole flight. He would wake up about 20 minutes before landing, but he played and ate puffs 😉 On the 2nd flight a stewardess just loved him. She told me I could walk the isles and then later she gave him is first wings.
During the last layover, Fierce discovered the handicap transport golfcart. First he played with the wheels and then I let him turn the steering wheel. He was belly laughing as he turned it left and right. Then he found the lever and the red button to make it go and it was time to stop playing with the cart 😉
Fierce also loved watching the city lights during the plane landings. The lady sitting next to the window was reading a kindle and Fierce would move his head up and down to see past her.
The last flight was just a little puddle jumper from San Juan to St. Thomas. It felt like we just flew 10 ft off the water the whole time. I enjoyed this one the most…20 min and done!
From St. Thomas airport, we took a taxi to Red Hook to catch a ferry. I put Fierce in a life jacket and he didn’t mind at all. I was shocked. We stepped off the ferry in St. John and Lynnae and I felt a renewed energy wash over us. We made it! Our first stop was to grab a bite to eat at a local breakfast spot while we waited for a lady named Kathy to show us the ropes. When she arrived, she took John and the luggage to the house we all rented and then showed us where to pick up our rental car. When John got back he asked us if we wanted the good news or the bad. Lynnae and I both simultaneously said “Bad.” He explained that the rental car was far away. The good news was that the house was “Unbelievable!” He and Lynnae walked to get the car. Fierce and I stayed behind and he played in the sand for the first time. He was soooo adorable. He patted it, let the sand flow through his fingers and then ate some. He looked up at me after about 5 min and a smile grew till it lit up his eyes. He looked like he wanted to say, “Have you seen this stuff?”
When Lynnae and John got back, Lynnae told me that it was only a long way to the car rental because John took them in a big circle. It was actually just around the corner from where we were…lol.
The house truly was unbelievable. Every room as a deck that looks out over the ocean.
That night we all went to Lime Inn for dinner. Pretty sure we all got some variety of fish. My mahi came with a pineapple salsa…mmm mmm.