Sawat Di Kah & Goodbye

Our final day has come. While I was packing, Fierce picked up the hotel phone and said, “Sawat De Kah” as if he was talking to someone. This means “Hello” in Thai…I guess he was paying attention this week! I know he picked up on the fact that people were not speaking his language quite early on because I heard him saying “Opengado” to people and this is his way of saying “Obrigado” or “Thank you” in Portuguese. It was pretty cute.

We finished packing, checkout out of the hotel and brought our bags to the pool. We stayed there most of the day and took turns getting lunch so someone was with our bags. We took a taxi to the airport, which was beautiful with nice shops and artwork throughout. There was a really nice bathroom…the best we have seen, especially compared to the ones you have to squat over with byo-toilet paper. Lol. At the airport, Fierce wanted to hold his own Lightning McQueen suitcase from Papa all by himself. He LOVES airplanes. After the first 3.5 hour flight he cried as we were leaving because he didn’t want to get off. I told him we were going on another one and only then was he willing to leave his seat. Now, 6.5 hours into a 15 hour flight he did ask if the airplane ride was over yet, but he also continued to have a good attitude. I am writing this last blog post about two weeks after the trip and I don’t think there has been a day that Fierce has not either asked if we were going on a plane ride or actually gotten his suitcase out and said, “I am going to the airport mommy.” Gotta love this kid and what a wonderful trip with my family 🙂