Puerto Ayora: Galapagos Day 7

We played hide and seek around the pool area today. It was too cold to get in the pool, but we both just felt like sticking close to home base and relaxing. Later in the afternoon, I convinced Fierce to go shopping. I wanted to get a mug for my Dad because it is tradition. Most of the shops here are t-shirts and magnets, but there was one that sold hand crafts from the islands where I found the perfect cup. Fierce even picked out a watch for himself made of tikka wood.

We had a couple of hours to kill while the watch was sized so we walked toward the docks where Fierce spotted some kids on the playground. They all hung out for a while there and then migrated to the skate park. The kids were from Germany, but spoke really good English. They were really sweet and let Fierce borrow their scooters.

Afterwards, we got the watch back and went to The Rock for a sit down dinner. It had a really fun vibe and Fierce got up to dance to the music twice. There was only one other family in the restaurant so I let him move to the beat for a bit. We enjoyed a chocolate cake and I got my first latte of the week…I know everyone is impressed.

I decided we (I) needed to do one guide book thing yet and headed to Laguna Las Ninfas. It is tucked away on a small little street that opens to a courtyard and then you walk a sort of wooden pier to a lagoon. It has a calmness to the place as you wait for the nymphs to appear. At dusk, the lake “bubbles” as minnows and small fish surface making ripples in the water.

Back at our hotel, we watched Ecuador play Argentina in the Copa de America for the quarter finals…Go Ecuador!!!!