Last Days in Greece

Clear across town, we went to the National Gardens. I let Fierce run around and play. We saw orange trees! It had been raining a bit so we had an umbrella. He wanted to push the stroller and be under the umbrella so I made a “papa” or fort for him. It was pretty cute to see his little legs coming out from under that huge umbrella.





He got tired so I took him on a walk to this lunch spot on my tour guide book. It was quaint with expensive shops. It attracted locals and “uppities.” The two girls next to me had all name brand accessories and took 45 min to take a selfie-had to get just the right angle. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When Fierce woke up we made our way to Zeus’ Temple. It was closed, but we could take pictures from the gate. On the way, I stopped to buy him a mini soccer ball. He loved it and we played with the ballย at a park and again at the Olympic Stadium. We almost had the place to ourselves. It was awesome! February may be cold and rainy, but we are one of five tourists and that is great when you are all alone with a little one. Plus, Fierce doesn’t complain about the weather as long as he is outside. ๐Ÿ™‚











The Greeks and Bulgarians touch Fierce on the head as we pass by…very “familiar” compared to the states. Fierce gives them a weird look every time. lol

Our hotel receptionist here in Greece is so sweet. She plays games with Fierce like hide and seek. She would probably go out of her way a hundred times for this kid ๐Ÿ™‚


For our last day, we had a tour booked for 2 pm so I thought we could go see a museum since it was raining. Well, we only made it 3 streets before I was soaked even with an umbrella. So I decided to duck into an outdoor coffee shop with a covering and heaters. Fierce fell asleep in my lap and I wrote while drinking a latte. We ended up staying there all morning before heading back to the hotel where we would catch the tour.


Honestly, the bus ride of an hour and a half was great to see the coast, but just to be warm and dry was amazing. We went all the way south to Poseidon’s Temple. It was a torrential downpour -the kind where you watch your footing and your umbrella turns inside out and essentially breaks. All for a great picture! Ha! Poseidon must have been angry. Someone give him a fruit snack! Fierce on the other hand was a trooper. He wanted to climb the stones, but I knew it wouldn’t last long so I let him for a few minutes and then we huddled under our umbrella and made quick for the restaurant area where we got a nice warm sandwich. We made our way back and then packed up for Romania.