Koh Phi Phi Ley & Krabi

Day 8:

Today we chilled by the beach for a while and then moved 10ft over to the pool. We decided to go see Koh Phi Phi Ley (we are on Koh Phi Phi Don). There is a Viking cave with drawings, but we were only allowed to see the entrance. Afterwards our boat taxi brought us to a cove where we could swim…so fun! We even toasted with drinks 🙂 Then we went to a bay with a small beach, but it felt like you walked into a hidden treasure cave. Afterwards we ended our boat tour at the more populated Maya Bay. It was a three hour tour in total and Fierce slept through the whole thing! He fell asleep on me and then I moved him to the bottom of the boat. The driver set up a towel so the sun wouldn’t be in his eyes…so sweet. The Thai people truly love children.

After the tour, we went to the pool and then got dinner and ice cream. Fierce got some yellow curry chicken on a stick and it was the first time he really chowed down on a Thai dish. My Mom took a Thai cooking class which she loved. Meanwhile, Fierce and I made our way back, but he wanted to stop at the beach. It was low tide so he ran pretty far out and jumped in the “sand” puddles. Then he rolled around in the sand and tried to bury himself. We also made the letters of his name in shells on the beach sand. It was a great day!

Day 9:

We left Koh Phi Phi today and took the ferry to Krabi. We spent the day here until our flight. I found a really pretty silk robe at one of the shops. We also beached it on a large but thin strip of beach. I am not sure it was the one I asked the taxi driver for or not, but we did find a good lunch spot. They had a whole carpet set up with toys for kids to play on and Fierce looked up at me and said, “Please” with the cutest little pleading face. He played with airplanes, went down the slide, etc., but my favorite part was when he found a phone and said, “This is the Magic School Bus, producers speaking.”

Lynnae and Blake spotted a hotel pool across the street and asked if we could swim. They said it was fine as long as we bought drinks or food. It was really beautiful with dolphin fountains and a swim up to bar. Fierce wanted to stand on the stools at one point and jump off of them (we were the only ones there so no big deal). Well, Lynnae had taught him a phrase a while back and Blake thought it would be oh so funny to have Fierce say it while standing at the bar. Fierce picked up on all of this infectious energy and said it for Blake on camera…”Put it on my Tab!” —You know what guys, I think it is time for our flight 😉

Put It On My Tab!