Jost Van Dyke

Today, we left the US of A and headed for Britain. Passports packed, my dad chartered a boat named Gypsea Girl to take us all to Jost Van Dyke, a British island. What a blast! It was the perfect sunny day with the waves splashing up and spraying our faces. Fierce wasn’t too sure about it so he cuddled in and took a nap.


Our first stop was still in St. John because our guide, Mindy, had to fill out the entry paperwork in order to enter British territory. We stopped at Moho Bay and snorkeled. I saw two big tortoises and one baby one came up to get air not five feet from my face! Blake and Tatum said they saw stingray and a fish that looked like a baby shark.


Next we stopped at a 100′ island beach called Sand Spit. It looked like the sand just peaked out of the water to take a quick look around.



Once we got to Jost Van Dyke, Mindy filed the paperwork and we looked around for a bit. At the dock we saw two little island boys catching fish and pretty proud of their latest catch 😉 We met up for lunch in a cute little blue roofed building. I just love all of the vibrant colors the architecture boasts of here. Behind this restaurant was a trail that wound along the beach shore and up through a small rocky area to end at the Bubbly Pool. The waves from the ocean crash into a split rock structure making the waves squeeze through and creating a bubble effect in the “pool.” It was pretty cool. Almost everyone climbed the rock structure. My dad went right to the center to let the waves hit him as he braced himself not to get thrown backward. Fierce and I enjoyed the pool area 😉





My mom and dad talk about Soggy Dollar Bar all the time so us kids were pretty excited to finally see it for our own eyes. In order to get to shore, you have to swim. We put Fierce in a beer cooler tube and floated him ashore. Everyone on the beach thought this was the coolest thing ever. The beach itself is really nice here and Soggy Dollar did not disappoint. It is just a tiny beach hut where everyone offers up their soggy dollars for food and drinks. Gotta love island life.