First Full Day in Denmark

I thought the zoo would be fun for Fierce. Of course I walked because I walk everywhere no matter how far it is and the zoo was pretty far. Right before we got there it started to rain a cold, miserable rain. But thankfully, it didn’t last long especially since I had taken a wrong turn…aaahhh! Once we arrived, we really did end up having fun. All bundled up in his hat and mittens he liked seeing the farm animals the best and playing in their maze-like play sets.

That afternoon we went to a hotel/gym that was only a few blocks from our hotel that had heated toddler pools. The place was huge and only $5. You need to bring your own towel or rent one…we found that out at the end…oops. Fierce LOVED swimming in the pool. He swam, chased balls, played with the fountain and poured water from one pail to another for a few hours. He pointed at his swim suit the next day and said, “Pool?” We will definitely go back before we leave for the USA!







Traveling with a toddler tip:

E-mail your hotel(s) about your travel plans and your needs. Check to see if they offer a crib. Most will set up a pack-n-play for free. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have a shuttle to and from the airport or at least see how much it costs. Probably the most important thing to check is what time their check-in time is as well as how late they have someone at the front desk. One of my flights didn’t arrive until midnight and the hotel did not have a 24 hour service desk so since I had arranged it with them beforehand they had someone there for me, otherwise we would have been left out in the cold until someone got there the next morning. You can also usually leave your bags at the front desk if you get in early and your room is not ready yet. You don’t want to miss out on valuable sight-seeing time!