Day 3 on the Norwegian Coast


Despite the chill in the air, I decided to head to the coast. The smell of the sea engulfs me. It is so fresh and welcoming. Boulders of rocks and beach line the water’s entrance. I walked the beach and climbed the rocks until I found a spot to soak in the sun trying to fight the cold wind. Sitting still on the black rock was the first time I think I have actually been truly warm in Oslo. It was beautiful.

I spent a few hours at the coast taking it all in, but the tourist season has not started yet so I headed back to the city to eat and shop. The mall was bustling…here is where all the people were! I try to stick to only local foods, but Starbucks got the better of me. They make you say your name to write on the cup and this particular person wanted to get it right, so I spelled it for him. Then when a different guy went to pronounce it, his face scrunched up and I have no clue what syllables came out of his mouth…yup, that’s me!

I went to The Grand Hotel for dinner and tried the duck. It tasted like a roast and just fell off the bone. Even the potatoes were delicious. I could go on for hours about the meaty sauce with a little sweetness, but it is time to prepare for my flight to Poland tomorrow 🙂

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