Cracow and Warsaw, Poland


Yesterday, I met Polly, Sarah and Rachel at the Auschwitz tour in Cracow. I wrote a photo blog of Auschwitz.  It was so great to have a real and fun conversation with these girls. Being on your own is peaceful, but these girls were awesome Kiwi’s (from New Zeeland) and a real blessing. After the tour we had three hours or so to explore Cracow. It was full of brightly colored old buildings, a castle, church and an underground market. We spent most of our time at the underground market. You actually do go under the city into a museum that guides you around ruins that used to be a trade market. It was built to run on the black market of the time and connected most of the major cities in Europe.  Pretty neat!


Today I decided to walk the every-day life of the Warsaw. I discovered several churches and parks along the way. At the end of my journey I found the memorial where the Jews and Polish people from the Ghetto were driven to and loaded onto trains that ran to Auschwitz in Cracow. On the way back to the hotel, I decided to walk through Old Town and then New Town again. This time, I spent more time going into Antique stores or other boutiques. I walked for 5 hours today without stopping. On my walk I reflected on the verse 2 Timothy 1:7. Paul is in prison and far away from Timothy. He tells Timothy to not be afraid. “For God had not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” Timothy is not the one in prison. I like that it is a reminder to not fear regardless of your circumstances. God has sent us out into the world and given us His power, His love and His sound mind. There is movement in this verse or a call to go, to do, to take action.