Athens, Greece

We had an extremely early flight so we arrived in Greece around 8:30 am. From the airport we took the metro/train and Fierce LOVED it! He was so excited and wanted to take note of every detail. After we checked in at our hotel, we went to the Kemeikos ruins. It was kind of hard to find. I even asked a local restaurant owner and he didn’t know where it was. It ended up being basically around the corner -up the street and then a left onto a street that looked like no one goes there. It was worth the pictures and a chance for Fierce to run around. lol He found several rocks to put in his mouth while giggling as I run after him to get them out…ahhh!





Next, we went on to Ancient Agora. This was really neat to see. I finally settled into the idea that I was on ancient grounds in Greece! What?! We / Fierce followed a puppy and eventually we arrived at the temple. We had all day, so I didn’t care how long it took or what path we followed. It closed at 3:00 pm so we did have to leave earlier than Fierce wanted to and he gave me a great grumpy face picture 😉


Somebody doesn’t want to leave.









We strolled through a flea market after this and I got a new hat…somehow I lost the one I brought. Fierce made friends with the shop owner and played hide and seek with her throughout the shop. I started to notice that it was a hippie shop. The lady had long dreadlocks. She had baggy clothes for sale as well as cannabis cookies. Fierce didn’t notice this at all and didn’t want to leave. Ha!-or so I hope. We saw a few churches and the Temple of the Winds. I had bought some clothes for Fierce at a kids shop and they gave him a balloon. He giggled and chased the stray cats until he popped his balloon on a cactus. We walked a bit more of the city and then turned in for the night.






Day 2 and I only had one thing on my agenda…the Acropolis. It’s a good thing because it is up-hill, not just up-hill, but up stone steps of all different shapes and sizes with a stroller. I was winded by the time I got to the top. So glad I don’t have cancer anymore…I don’t think I would have had the energy to do this last year. We bought our tickets, stepped into the entrance and Fierce fell asleep. I let him take a nap in my arms while I took in the view. We had to leave the stroller at the entrance because it would be impossible to take it with us on all of the paths. He didn’t want to use the backpack carrier so I just let him walk or carried him.







The columns you enter through at the top are impressive. Once through, Fierce found every mud puddle to jump in even though I said “No” and it was cold. Thankfully, the sun did come out and I had extra socks for him, but I had to buy him new shoes. Boys! Anyways, at the top is the Parthenon and the Porch of the Caryatids. At the base of the hill are two different stadiums. One is still used today for outdoor concerts. Fierce gave his own show drumming again. Then he gave a lady sitting on a bench a rather large rock collection, one at a time.


Fierce is saying “Tic, Tock, Tic, Tock” as he spins the umbrella back and forth. I taught him the song from one of my childhood, clapping games called “Miss Sue from Alabama” I used to play. “Tic, Tock” is his favorite part.






We left and ate dinner in a restaurant that had a garden/ Christmas light atmosphere. Since it is open to the outside on one end, there were a few tiny birds flying about and Fierce got a kick out of this. We ate Mauskas which is a traditional Greek meal similar to lasagna, but with eggplant and potato layers under the meat and cheese layers. Delicious! Yesterday we had Greek lamb kabobs with pita bread and cucumber sauce…so far Greece wins the culinary vote!




  1. Wow! Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for lovely journaling. It’s almost as if I was with you.

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