Arriving in Koh Phi Phi

Day 6:

The journey to Koh Phi Phi sounds worse than it actually was. From start to finish it might be one of Fierce’s favorite days because of all the transportation types involved 😉 We took a taxi to a local airport then an hour flight to Krabi where got another taxi to take us to the pier. We waited for the ferry and then took it to Koh Phi Phi, which is a beautiful island from the minute you see land. We stayed at the Charlie Hotel which ended up being within walking distance from the pier. Our rooms were right behind the infinity pool which gave you a beautiful view of the beach and the Andaman Sea. We arrived in the afternoon so it was low tide and you could walk for forever before you got to knee deep water. It is a gorgeous little cove and our piece of paradise for a few days.

Day 7:

Our hotel also has the best “incluido” breakfast I have ever had. Anything from American omelets, European cucumber and tomato to Thai food is served. After we were nice and full, we took a small boat tour around Koh Phi Phi. We saw three beaches. Monkey beach was great and we did a bit of snorkeling. Fierce wanted to put the mask on and even put his head in the water just a little bit. Then we went to a beach with mini caves in the rocks and smooth white sand. The third beach and final stop was a long thin beach. Fierce had fallen asleep so I took the opportunity to chill in the shade with him while my Mom, Lynnae and Blake swam.

Later I got a Thai massage which was amazing. Then, when Fierce woke up I took him to the pool for a couple of hours while the rest of the crew got massages. Afterwards, we all went shopping in the little markets behind our hotel. We all got foot massages and then I took Fierce back to the hotel to chill and write for a bit while everyone continued their exploring of the cute shops. When they got back they were all laughing because they decided to put their feet in a fish tank and have fish bite them until their feet were smooth…Can’t say I could do it, but proud of them all for doing something unique! I think the island life suits us all so far 😉 lol

Let's Go Check it Out!

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