Airport Reflections :)

Burges, Belgium

Favorite Mini-Euro Meal:

  • *  Breakfast: Belgian waffles with real cream and strawberries.
  • *  Lunch: Polish potatoes and tomato soup.
  • *  Dinner: Norwegian Duck with a sweet glaze.
  • *  Dessert: Luxembourg’s gelato ice cream bar.
Oslo, Norway

Things That Require Getting Used To:

  • *  Limited water at restaurants…please bring me the biggest bottle you have; maybe two bottles.
  • *  Outside your hotel, the city streets are loud all the time with construction or people doing whatever they do all hours of the night.
  • *  Signs are not always prevalent so you just have to “feel around.”
Warsaw, Poland


  • *  It only rained on “travel days” so when I was touring, I actually had quite nice weather to be walking the cities or go on nature hikes.
  • *  The train that goes from Belgium to Luxembourg had a train strike on the only day I didn’t need a train!!!
  • *  I almost forgot to tell my credit card company that I would be out of the country…remembered in the airport…close one!
  • *  My last day in Belgium I stopped for breakfast at a little hole-in-the-wall cafe. I wanted to make sure I had one last Belgian waffle. While I was eating, the owner brought me a strawberry tart and then when I ordered coffee he came out with a nougat candy. It was a nice send off and a great trip!
Echternach, Luxembourg