3rd Day in Copenhagen


We visited a couple of churches and found a street art display to climb on for a bit. We walked to the water next to the canals full of boats and flags. This area is called Nyhavn and is known for its colorful buildings. The day was overcast and it had a beautiful old-world charm. Fierce liked looking at the water and even though it was cold, I think he would have liked a boat ride…crazy kid. Instead, I for one needed to warm up, so we ducked into a coffee shop and had cake and coffee (hot cocoa for him). Fierce blew out the candle on the table because why not? That is why you lit it, right?




We went to the tower of the Palace to see a great view of the city. Then we headed to the Royal Stables to see horses and carriages. Some carriages are still used today for special occasions. This was Fierce’s favorite part of the day…Until we got to the National Museum where there is a children’s museum. They have castles, horses to climb up on, an old fishing boat and child-size armor to wear  which is really heavy! There was also a section where you could prepare dinner in an old kitchen. Another little boy was playing near the wood stove and they had a good time together.

It was back to the hotel from there…







How to wear a bucket as a hat and become a knight:







Travel with a Toddler Tip:

Be safe and go back to the hotel at dark as a general rule. In February, that is pretty early, but most of the tourist sights are not open past 5 or 6 pm anyways and it gives you time to take showers, pack, get ready for the next day, or just relax. Time to facetime Papa, Gigi, Vovo and most importantly, Daddy!


  1. What a wonderful trip you had and We admire and love the courage you have to firstl of all fight cancer and do so much.God is good and I know it was not an easy fight but you persevered and then to take this trip with that prescious boy is wonderful.Loved every picture and story and will continue to watch for more .Much love to all and hope to see you in summer.

    1. Thanks so much! It really did feel like such a blessing to do something I love again. I can’t wait to take Fierce as many places as I can manage. I love you both!

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