Wig Party!

My mom’s best friend, Beth Johnson, approached me about throwing a wig party for me and I was a bit hesitant, but she was so excited about it, the idea became infectious. She and my best friend, Megan Reynolds, planned the whole evening.


I walked up with my neon pink wig and was greeted by a sea of loving people decked out in the most brightly colored wigs you can imagine. Beth’s wig was baby pink with pigtails -totally anime. My mom’s wig was long and bright blue -it looked adorable on her! One girl came up to me and I didn’t recognize her, she had this auburn red wig. She spoke and I exclaimed, “Sara!” The girl rocks red hair, she should definitely go red sometime in the near future. Nicki Minaj came too or my friend Sheena in a light pink wig, but wow!


There was a massive amount of food and desert for everyone. I think people went home with bags of food. I know my best friend, Stephanie (wearing a bright purple wig) just mentioned she had liked the chips and was gifted a huge bag of them. The atmosphere was so incredibly festive.


Some people came that I haven’t seen in years. Shari Russel was my mom’s friend at Sandy Pines when I was a kid. Other people couldn’t make it, but still donated. I felt so overwhelmingly blessed. It is really sweet to see people like my Aunt Deb and Uncle Gary or Saul and Beth Gamboa who have been through hard times themselves and hear their encouragement.


The first few days after surgery and treatment on Monday sent me into waves of nausea and sleep so I felt like just curling up into a black hole. The wig party was on Friday and it gave me something to look forward to. By the time the day arrived I was feeling more like myself and so ready to do something fun.


One of the best parts about the party was a little photo booth section they set up. Callie Schilds took pictures of us and one of my favorite photos was of my siblings, myself and our whole growing family. There was a whole box of zany accessories. We all posed the night away and laughed. It felt good to laugh.


This week I was able to purchase a real hair wig for almost the exact amount that was raised. I never thought I would be able to get one, so thank you soooooo much to everyone that donated. This wig won’t singe when you open the dish washer and you can style it so I am pretty excited. It will be perfect for my sister’s wedding coming up in June!


Thank you to all of my friends and family that participated and acted silly and zany with me through this fight with cancer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support, prayers and putting a smile on my face.