Washington DC 2015












After 3 flight delays, we had to change in the airport, but we made it to Wes’ work Christmas party on time! Whew! Thank you DC for making everything at the Dulles Airport easy to get to and extremely accessible.  The dinner was great and it was wonderful to see all of the people Wes works with again. They are truly very sweet and fun people.

It was our first trip away from our five month old baby, Fierce, and it was nice to tour around and do things just the two of us. We saw a movie in the theater! I hadn’t even realized we had not done that in about six months. Crazy how time flies! Anyways, Saturday morning I couldn’t wait to jump in the car and explore the city. First we stopped by Arlington, but we couldn’t get in because there was a wreath laying ceremony and no parking. I am glad it was packed though. The soldiers deserve the respect and gratitude of those who live with the freedoms our country offers because of their sacrifice.

My DK tour guide book suggested the DC Eastern Market, so we decided to go there for brunch. They had various wares for sale, even Christmas trees! A chocolatier caught our eye and we picked up a few goodies for my parents as thank you’s for watching Fierce. Further into the market, we found food kiosks that offered all kinds of delicious smelling things to eat. I got a turkey and cheese crepe and Wes bought a bowl of gumbo and a chicken kabob. Yum and Yum.

We attempted to see inside the Supreme Court next, but it is closed on the weekends. The good thing about walking around DC is that everything is pretty close. We walked by the Capitol building and headed to the Air and Space Museum. I was not that interested at first, but I knew Wes would appreciate it and in the end I realized it was pretty cool. Wes flew a flight simulator and I was the gunner. We got seven kills and the lady seemed pretty impressed with our skills 😉 Then we saw a space documentary in a domed theater where everything in space “comes alive.” I also liked that almost everything is explained in a way that is interactive so kids and adults enjoy learning alike. As a souvenir, we bought Fierce a little space suit. It will be fun to bring him back here some day. There is so much to see. We need at least 2 more weeks just to scratch the surface, so we will just have to return soon!