Tortuga Bay & Pizza: Galapagos Day 5

Well, I said we would return and we did. We slept in and then made out way to Tortuga Bay. We jumped waves, jumped in waves (because to Fierce there is a difference) and let the waves roll over us. We also made sand castles and did sand races. The crabs ran away from us and the iguanas swam nearby. We chilled for a few hours and then decided to go back to our hotel.

We couldn’t find a taxi back as quickly as we usually do so we were hot and made a plan to jump in the pool when we got back. So…one, two, three…deep end jump! It was soooooo cold. I didn’t last long and we went up to get ready for dinner soon after.

I asked Fierce if he would like pizza for dinner. This is his favorite food, so he was pretty excited. The hotel receptionist gave us a recommendation to the Galapagos Deli. It was super cute and the food was great. I kinda wish I could have their salad dressing recipe.

Today was short and sweet, but I booked a tour for tomorrow so off to sleep for us!