The Perfect Latte

How to Make the Perfect Latte

I am a bit of a coffee drinker. I can’t wait to have my first cup in the morning and sit and watch the birds. I also have a two year old so the bird watching is not as achievable as the latte 😉 Then, like clockwork 2:00 pm rolls around and I need my “crutch cup of coffee.” I just like it. My 3rd and final latte of the day occurs at about 10:00 pm while I relax and watch a movie…and yes I sleep at night.

Better than Starbucks

After trying my latte, a friend said it was better than Starbucks and she was coming over every morning for a cup of coffee from then on…

The Perfect Latte:

  • ♥ For those who like sugar (ie: my husband): Put 1-2 tbs of white sugar, stir and drink.
  • ♥ For the Perfect Latte: Just add a sprinkling of cinnamon on top, stir and enjoy!
  • ♠ Note: I used 2 different sized cups to show you can use either with the machine. For a taller coffee mug, you just have to remove the Tray.

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