The End of a Chapter: Last Days of Chemotherapy

Thank you to the doctors, nurses and volunteers who helped me through these last few weeks of chemotherapy here in St. Louis. The best treatment day I had, Jeanne from the Botanical Gardens brought in all different types of flowers and plants for us to make our own bouquets. Each plant was picked for its texture, smell or color as a part of a horticultural therapy. While arranging this bouquet, I met Hope. She was receiving treatment for colon and liver cancer. On my last day of chemo she received news that her tumors had shrunk and it was going to be her last day too!



Before I entered the building my last day, I had a fear that I wouldn’t get treatment and this wouldn’t be my last day. I shook it off and went through the routine of checking in, getting my blood drawn and meeting with my doctor. While in the waiting room before I get treatment a lady walked up with a GORGEOUS bouquet of roses and lilies with a note that said:

Congratulations on completing your chemo treatment. Fierce and I are proud of your courage and strength. I hope he gets to hear about it when he grows up! -Wes

I started to cry tears of joy and appreciation. Then a lady from the billing department cut in to tell me that there was some mix up with my insurance. I spent the next 4 hours trying to sort things out so that I could receive the treatment. After finally getting the go-ahead, I got hooked up and slept a bit. My parents were already waiting at our house, so I couldn’t wait to get home. However, there was one more thing to do before leaving. All of the nurses come out and watch you ring a bell. As they clapped and cheered, I got emotional again and teared up. Thank you so much everyone!

It is amazing how many people are involved in saving your life. I feel like there was not one health professional, family member or friend that did not come to my rescue or help me in some way these past few months. Thanks for bringing food, babysitting Fierce, spoiling me with gifts, health food and the wig. This has been one of the hardest years to get through and also one of the most blessed. I genuinely appreciate all of the love you all poured out on me and my family.

Next up is surgery on October 10 and radiation every day for 6 weeks. There is a playroom for kids during the radiation treatments so Mr. Fierce will be taken care of, which is a huge relief for me not knowing many people here in St. Louis. Honestly, God is so good and has truly provided for us every step of this journey.



  1. Thanks a lot ky I wasn’t planning on tearing up tonight haha. Love you. You’re so strong you might be catching up to your little brother. ❤

  2. Kylene…thank you so much for the lovely words. You are an example of why we do this work and it was an honor to be a small part of your chapter. Good thoughts coming your way.

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