Tea Garden: Where I found the plants

My tea garden is planted!!!! I am so excited!!!!

I started out at a local garden center, but they didn’t have any of the plants I wanted and they couldn’t order them either. I happened to run into one of my neighbors at the grocery store and she suggested another local grower, Sandy’s Back Porch. These lady’s were super helpful and had the cone flowers, bergamont, blue hyssop seeds and french lavender. I found rosemary at Lowes. I bought the arp variety because it is heartier in our area. This is the only annual I bought. I called a lot of places and no one sells viola ordata. One guy actually laughed and said I should just dig it up from someone’s yard or along the roadside. I can just imagine doing that…you don’t mind that you have holes in your yard, do you? lol Anyways, I ended up turning to Google and found a lady on Etsy that sells them. In case you run into the same problem, her store’s name online is:¬†AllOrganicbyMsA.

Happy planting!