Tea Garden in the Spring: Viola Ordata!

Last year I had a terrible time trying to find Viola Ordata plants. One greenhouse owner told me I should just stop by someones yard and dig them up myself. Ya…I can just see me trying to explain that to a homeowner. I finally found some on Etsy, but I wanted them in the same raised box as the other tea plants which has full sun and Viola Ordata likes shade. Anyways, they are super small yet and I don’t know if they are going to live or die.

All of this background to say that I was at my friend’s house and I stopped cold with excitement when I saw them in her yard. She let me take a few home and then brought me a whole bucket full as a surprise the next day! She said, “You do realize, most people consider these weeds, right?” Yes! Soooo excited!

I tried the tea and it didn’t taste like much so I let it sit for a couple of hours and then it sort of tasted leafy or perhaps like a plain green tea. However, it is one of the more beautiful flowers as a tea because it does not wilt. It is really beautiful! As an herb it is supposed to be good for headaches and coughs. Pretty neat!