Taxol…Only 1 month to go!

I closed the door to our apartment with my hands full, got Fierce in the stroller to go for a walk around the lake and realized I forgot my scarf…ugh. Oh well, skip it. Fighting off a little self consciousness and a smidge of regret I strolled on and it was awesome. I felt the wind in my 1 cm long hair! It felt so weird. I had forgotten how nice and humanizing that felt. I can almost imagine what it would be like to have my long locks again. Some day!

On the flip side, my hair is coming in white with a little black mixed in so I look like I am seriously 45 or 50 years old. You all know that classic grandma cut. Oh boy, it is actually harder to look in the mirror now that it was when I was bald. Thank goodness for hair dye. I cannot wait until it is long enough to dye a normal color…They say it should be an “acceptable” length my December. I am not at all sure what that means, especially when I was used to hair down to the middle of my back 😉

Last week before my chemotherapy appointment they told me that my white blood cells were at a .9. The minimum for treatment is a 1.7, but they usually let you continue treatment until it is down to a .5. So this week I ate as healthy as I could and asked everyone to pray because I didn’t want the count to continue to go down and have to delay treatment. If you have to delay, it is not as effective. This week my levels were up to a 1.6. Praise the Lord! I don’t have a clue if this is normal or not, but Taxol usually just keeps decreasing your count so I feel so incredibly blessed!

I am 2 months down with 1 to go so it is starting to feel like the home stretch of the chemo part…Yaya!

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  1. Jodi Kalawart

    It will be fun watching you with all the hair styles as it grows out. You’re beautiful with our without hair my love!

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