Going Home

The airport in Vienna is worth noting. They have a food court with real food. I had an omelette which was made fresh right in front of me along with a layered latte. They have lots of stores even by the gates. The absolute best part was at the gate itself. Little individual desks which… Continue reading Going Home

Salzburg, Austria & The Sound of Music Tour

My inspiration for visiting Austria actually occurred when I was really young and first heard about the country through the movie, The Sound of Music. I know every song by heart and who doesn't want to be Liesel during the gazebo¬†scene? From Vienna, I took a 3 hour bus ride to Salzburg which means Salt… Continue reading Salzburg, Austria & The Sound of Music Tour

Let the weekend begin…in Vienna!

St. Peter's Church
I have arrived! After a 3 hour drive to Chicago and¬†11 hours of travel time, I am so very happy to be here in Vienna, Austria. Quick tip, if you get the chance to fly on the airline from your destination country, take it. This is a great way to start hearing the language and… Continue reading Let the weekend begin…in Vienna!