Sweet Basil Tea


Soooo…Pinterest sparked my intrigue and now my tea garden has moved indoors as well. I now have Sweet Basil along with a few other herbs growing in my windowsill. Please remember that I tend to kill indoor plants so the fact that they grew at all and are still living after a few weeks is AMAZING! It definitely helps that Fierce thinks it is super fun to put rocks in the bottom of the jars followed by the soil and seeds. He also likes to (over) water them 😉 It has been a really fun project for the two of us.
This week I found that Tulsi/Holy Basil is in my Homegrown Tea book by Cassie Liversidge and I looked online and found that Sweet Basil has similar medicinal benefits. Antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, helps fight off a cold and generally boosts your immune system.
To make the tea, bring the water to a boil then pour some in your cup to warm the cup and then throw this away. Put two pinches of fresh basil in your cup and pour boiling water over the leaves. Then steep for 3 minutes, remove the leaves if you wish and enjoy!
Sweet Basil has an anise sort of flavor so it was not my favorite. However, it was so much fun to make it from scratch that I hardly cared. I will probably have Sweet Basil tea for the weeks to come just because it is pretty and oh my goodness, I actually grew something useful!


  1. I’ll try some basil tea with my plant tomorrow. Should be a nice pick me up for the afternoon. Thanks Kylene!

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