Stained Glass Window: Orchid


This project was born from necessity. To be more exact, I hated the previous stained glass that Wesley insisted putting in the moon window every summer. He insists that it blocks the sun coming into the living room and I have to admit that it does cut down on the blinding light. This spring, I was proactive and sold that oh so awful thing asap! I knew I didn’t have much time, so I signed up for a stained glass class through Rainbow Resources. When the instructor saw my hand made design of an orchid and a willowy stem she said it would be challenging for a first project. I absolutely had to replace that window before summer, so I got to work. It was so much fun! Circling the store a dozen times, I finally chose colors that had a lot of movement or texture in them to give the piece dimension and a bit of realism. I learned how to cut the curves of each piece and then file them into puzzle pieces that fit my pattern. The shards and glints of glass prick your fingers from time to time, but it is hardly noticeable. Once all the pieces are in place, you have to tediously foil each piece. The best part is watching the liquid metal flow beneath your rod as you solder. I also stained my solder to be black so it would match the black background of the piece. ┬áThe whole window is finished off with a metal edge to make it a bit stronger. The instructor said that a more advanced method of doing stained glass is through came glasswork…I will definitely have to learn how to do that!

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