Serbia and back to Bulgaria


Fierce singing into a microphone 😉

We had seen almost all of the main sites in Sofia and it was raining so we went to Serbia to see the Pirot Fortress. It was a one hour or so car ride and Fierce did not want to get out of the car. He loves transportation! The fortress was in ruins and you could only go around one outer layer, but it was neat to see.

Afterwards, I asked to see the Boyana Church just outside of Sofia, because the insides are covered from floor to ceiling in frescoes. Fierce just liked running in the grassy area-basically he wants to be outside all of the time 😉






Day 4! I mistakenly thought our flight was today so I showed up at the airport only to be corrected…oh well. Thankfully taxis are really cheap. It was only $10 each way. We went back to the hotel and slept. Then we decided to park hop. We did a few new ones and a few we had been to before. One had a swing you laid down in and Fierce thought this was great. The best park was the furthest out from the hotel. It had everything! From slides and swings to a trampoline and a bouncy-house. I don’t think he missed one item. He belly laughed on the tramp as a little boy jumped around him. He whipped up a ladder to go down a swirly slide. He even wanted to test out the ropes course because he saw some older girls attempting it, which of course means it must be fun 😉

I ran into a mom who spoke English and we got to talking. I told her I had cancer last year so I decided to have some cancer-free fun this year. She genuinely thought this was great because she had lost both her mother and her sister to cancer. She was glad to see how well I was doing. It really reminded me how grateful I am to be alive, a wife, a mom, a daughter and a sister.