Scary Red Boat


Once upon a time there was a boy named Fierce and he was a lighthouse keeper. It was a dark and stormy night. One of Fierce’s favorite things to do on nights like this was to look through his telescope and watch storms roll in over the water. He loved the beautiful light show complete with a thunderous drum concert. Daddy should be back soon with fish for dinner. Fierce was a little surprised he didn’t smell the salty aromas from the kitchen yet.

When the lighting flashed again he saw a scary, red boat. It seemed to come alive as it was tossed this way and that. It roared as it went up and it humphed as it crashed down again. Another strike from the lightning illuminated the boat’s name. The boat had daddy’s name, Wesley. Uh oh, daddy is on the boat! Crash! Lightning crashed! Crash! There are dolphins and sharks surrounding the boat. Fierce’s eyes widen. Dolphins are fine, but sharks?

Skipping two steps at a time Fierce headed downstairs, grabbed his raincoat off the hook and quickly put it on as he ran to his rescue boat. He fired up the engine and braved the sea. Fierce was not worried. His boat was built for tough weather. Its steel blue lines against white seemed to pierce through the darkness in a calm sureness. As he got closer, he could see that the red boat was beginning to break apart as it was tossed by the crashing waves. Daddy was an excellent swimmer and even a rescue diver, but Fierce did not want him to be an accidental shark snack. Fierce navigated quickly. He was on a mission.

Fierce and the rescue boat arrived just in time for daddy to leap from the red boat, over the sharks, to the safety of Fierce’s rescue boat. As they pulled away, they saw the red boat crack and sink along with all of the fish Daddy had caught. Fierce brought a soaking wet daddy home to safety. He handed him a towel and gave him a big hug. While daddy warmed himself by the fire, Fierce and daddy enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa and the comfort of the cozy lighthouse.

By Fierce and Kylene Almeida