Radiation: 1 Down 29 to go!

Today was my first day of radiation and it went great!

I was shown the routine and dropped Fierce off with a nurse. Then, they lined me up with the machine so that I am positioned the same way every time I get a treatment. When the machine started, I thought to myself “Oh crap, I forgot to ask what it would feel like! Is this going to burn, sting, etc…” I refocused and honestly, nothing happened. It was over soon enough. The machine as a whole moved around me a few times. One section of the machine had a glass pane and behind it, little teeth like metal pieces kept re-calibrating making different formations -super interesting. I will definitely have to remember to ask for more details on that 😉

When I picked up Fierce, the nurses were ooing and ahhing over him, “He is so adorable, make sure to bring him back!” This made me feel good and relieved that he had so much fun running up and down the halls and in their toy room…he got quite the backstage pass!

God is so good to meet every need. If I don’t write again before the 25th, Merry Christmas!



  1. Ky I love you and I love your positive outlook on your whole cancer journey. You have been such an inspiration all the way through this journey. Thank you JUST THANK YOU

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