Pumpkin Painting

The girls came over to my house last night to paint pumpkins. I love how each of these women can put a smile on my face. Sam and her sister Stephanie brought Paleo muffins. They were awesome and a totally new thing for me. In case you are like me and don’t know, they are made with all natural ingredients. Sam and Stephanie painted their pumpkins to be metallic and then added exactly one gem. The gems were Lynnae’s idea. She and her friend Karlee painted their pumpkins metallic and then wrote: “Give Thanks” in gemstones. Adorable! I found out Karlee likes to travel, so she is automatically one of my new best friends 😉 JoDe also brought something I have never tried, a red wine called Apothic Dark.  It was delicious and had a bit of a cinnamon taste. She was smart and bought fake pumpkins so they could last for many seasons.  Kalee and Steph both surprised me and made it to the party even though they both had thought it wouldn’t be possible. Kalee painted 3 petite pumpkins all metallic gold and they looked deliciously classy. Steph painted her pumpkin gold as well, but gave it a texture using rose patterned nylons I had seen in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Steph was also able to stay late and catch up on life, which I just loved. I bought over-sized white pumpkins and spray painted sections of it orange also using the rose patterned nylons. It turned out ok, but not the best. I had such a blast getting together with these girls, each one is such a strong and beautiful woman. I hope we get to make this a new tradition for years to come.

From Left to Right: Lynnae, Stephanie, Karlee, Sam, Kylene, JoDe, Steph & Kalee

From Left to Right: Lynnae, Stephanie, Karlee, Sam, Kylene, JoDe, Steph & Kalee


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