Pumpkin Painting Party!

This is the 3rd year I have thrown a pumpkin painting party and this year, one of the girls had a special announcement…She is having a little girl!


The evening had a festive fall flair. My sister, Lynnae, brought pumpkin spice muffins; my friend, Kacie, brought a whole spread of cheeses from The Cheese Lady and pumpkin spice tea; and I made pumpkin spice lattes. Everything was so delicious.


There is a fine dusting of gold glitter in my dining room and gorgeous pumpkins as a result. My sister should definitely get an award for hers, it is absolutely beautiful. There were plenty of pumpkins to be painted because Palmbos Farm gave me five white pumpkins for our party. I had shown up to purchase a few, but they had just sold all of them to a farmer for his animals so the owners went out picked pumpkins and wouldn’t take my money. May God bless them, I really appreciated them going out of their way for our girl’s night. What a blast, I can’t wait for next year!