Praising The Lord Through This Storm

I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer that feeds on estrogen and progesterone. I had found a dime size lump a few years ago, but it had shrunk to a pea size so the breast center said it was hormonal and that bad things don’t get smaller. I was told that because it was hormonal, it would also get larger during my pregnancy and breastfeeding. It did and I didn’t worry because I figured it would get smaller again after I was done breastfeeding. However, after 8 months of breastfeeding, the almost one inch size did surprise me so I mentioned it to the doctor and he said I better have it checked out. That was not the answer I was expecting, but I still thought, he was probably just being precautions. Then the phone call. I did in fact have cancer.
I met with the surgeon and a team of doctors at Saint Mary’s Hospital and they set up a game plan for how to get rid of the cancer. All of the doctors and nurses I have met (there have been A LOT) these past couple of weeks are so incredibly nice. My primary care doctor, Dr. VanWienen, even called to see how I was doing.
Honestly, from the very beginning I have had a calm or a peace about the whole situation. I am not afraid or worried. My first reaction was to just simply praise the Lord because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jesus Christ has been so faithful to me and I know he will continue to be my healer. Jesus told Peter in Matthew 14 to come to him and walk on the water and I am doing my best to keep my eyes on Him and not focus on the waves. Of course, it is reassuring that Jesus picked Peter up when he began to doubt. I am pretty sure I will have a few bad days ahead, so it is good to know that God is merciful and loving. The other Bible story that has come to mind these last couple of days is Acts 16 when Paul and Silas were praising God in prison and God broke their chains, but they didn’t escape and the prison guards were surprised and then came to know Jesus. I feel like my life is turning a bit upside down right now and I am praying I will get to meet someone along the road to healing who will come to meet Christ as their personal Lord and Savior as well.

“But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 14:27
“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” Acts 16:25

The game plan:

  • 2 months of chemo one time every other week (Starting April 25)
  • 3 months of chemo (a different kind) once per week
  • Surgery (hopefully, a lumpectomy)
  • 6 weeks of radiation once per day
  • Reconstructive Surgery

Of course, I will do my part to try and be as healthy as possible 🙂
I met with a genetics counselor and based on my family history, I have about a 1% chance of this cancer being genetic. However, because it is so rare to see breast cancer in a 29 year old they still want to do the testing just in case.
The one thing that made me cry was when they told me that after the main treatment I will have to take a pill to suppress my hormones for 5 years basically putting me into menopause temporarily. I had really wanted to have another child in a year or two. The Dr. saw my tears and told me that some women can go off of the pill at 3 years, have a child and go back on the pill for the remaining 2 years. They are also giving me Lupron shots to shut down my ovaries so that they will hopefully be protected during the chemotherapy. I am so grateful that they are keeping this a priority and helping me the best they can. The oncologist said he had two woman have children after their treatments so I plan to be the 3rd!


  1. Kylene I so admire your faith, strength and positivity through this very difficult journey you are on. God has a reason and purpose for everything. I know that He is using you and your amazingly unshakable faith to bring Him glory. I hope you know that I am so proud of you for maintaining such a positive attitude and not losing any faith this. I put my faith, hope and trust in God and pray for you daily. I love you so much!!

  2. Kylene, you are such a blessing and you are already a great testimony to the peace God has given to you through all of this. I love you more than words can express. I am continuing to pray! Jesus said it best “It is Finished!” John 19:30.

  3. Kylene,

    You are such a beautiful example of what it means to live your life for the Lord! Your strength through this trial is showing others what life could look like when God is in control, and how nothing can separate us from God’s love– even the most difficult trials! I am so blessed to know you, and I am so moved by your story! I was in tears reading that your first reaction was to praise the Lord! I hope and pray that this article touches several people the way it touched me, and I pray that people reach out to you through this and want to know more about Jesus and the peace he grants us in trials! Thank you for sharing your personal story and using it to glorify the Lord! You are so amazing!!

    Love, Karlee

  4. Hi Kylene
    sorry to hear your news.
    but happy to know how much you are
    trusting in Jesus .
    as we know, HE WILL HEAL you .
    he did it once to me when I was 34 years old.
    Brazil and I will be PRAYING FOR YOU.
    i love you, Fierce and Wes

  5. We’re with you all the way babe! You have our love, help and support from every direction. May God bless you and yours.

  6. Hello Ky
    sorry to hear this news
    but happy with you to know how much
    you are trusting in Jesus in this moment.
    I and Brazil are praying for you.
    Kylene, I love you, Fierce and Wes

  7. Just to encourage you..I had that 5yrs ago..I also went to St.Marys (wonderful people)..had small surgery, and rad….after I was done..and praying without ceasing..The surgeon couldn’t even find the scar.No reconstruction surgery needed either…I call it staying in your JESUS BUBBLE..HE is faithful!! The LORD told me Not to get in Fear..stay in HIS Word..39 stripes your Healed..HE SAID IT IS FINISHED..Take hold of HIS PROMISE..Praying love you sweetie

  8. Kylene will be a prayer warrior for you thru this difficult time. I am a breast cancer survivor and know the doctors are so wonderful and caring. Stay strong in your faith and He will get you through this.

  9. Your positive attitude is wonderful and will surely help you through this challenge.

    My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was a sophomore in high school. She had an incredibly positive attitude about it which was great because I did not. An only child to a single parent, I was terrified. She was part of a study and they gave her up to 10 years. It has now been 15! <3

    The strength you have for yourself and your family is inspiring and I hope that even on the rough days you are able to remain positive. It does so much for the soul. I'll be thinking of you and the boys. Best of luck!

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