Cut Flower Garden

My Latest Hobby The Beginnings of a Cut Flower Garden I LOVE flowers. So...when my sister-in-law gave me "Floret Farms Cut Flower Garden" by Erin Benzakein, I was thrilled! I couldn't wait to get started! This book helps you plan for a flower farm if you really wanted to undertake that en-devour. For me, I… Continue reading Cut Flower Garden

Let Me Plan Your Next Trip

Your Personal Travel Guide Vacation on the horizon? Awesome! So many people have to work extra before their vacation in order to leave and not worry about loose ends, etc., leaving no time to read an entire guide book, much less make a plan. You tell yourself you will read it on the plane, but… Continue reading Let Me Plan Your Next Trip
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A Tasty Bite

A New Party Favorite We watch a lot of movies at our house and about half way through, my husband will ask, "What's for something?" I usually make a quick snack and lately I have been a bit bored of the usual options. I decided to throw this tasty treat together and it is a… Continue reading A Tasty Bite
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The Perfect Latte

How to Make the Perfect Latte I am a bit of a coffee drinker. I can't wait to have my first cup in the morning and sit and watch the birds. I also have a two year old so the bird watching is not as achievable as the latte ;) Then, like clockwork 2:00 pm… Continue reading The Perfect Latte
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Rose Petal Tea

Collecting Your Blooms Harvest your rose petals when they first bloom because this is when they are the most fragrant. I know, I know, this will be hard! Remember, you only need a few blooms for the tea so you will still get to keep your rose bush mostly undisturbed. If you do pick a… Continue reading Rose Petal Tea

Honeysuckle Tea

This morning I gathered yellow honeysuckle for my morning tea. The tea has a vibrant yellow color, smells a bit like grass and has a very calm or mild green tea taste. It was a beautiful way to start my weekend :) be or not to be? To Be: Honeysuckle petals make a… Continue reading Honeysuckle Tea

Lilac Iced Tea

Lilac Iced Tea is one of my new favorites! I read it was bitter, but honestly I loved it! To make the tea, I put about 3 blooms into a cold brew coffee infuser and let it sit over night. The next day I tried it over ice and had a brilliant idea...Lilac Ice Cubes!… Continue reading Lilac Iced Tea