Going Home

The airport in Vienna is worth noting. They have a food court with real food. I had an omelette which was made fresh right in front of me along with a layered latte. They have lots of stores even by the gates. The absolute best part was at the gate itself. Little individual desks which… Continue reading Going Home

Trip Finale in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia is a small city compared to Vienna and is only a 1 hour train ride away. This was no train ride I have ever experienced before. The train had a connection point, so we all had to get out and then normally, you would just jump on the connecting train. However, this small… Continue reading Trip Finale in Bratislava, Slovakia

Salzburg, Austria & The Sound of Music Tour

My inspiration for visiting Austria actually occurred when I was really young and first heard about the country through the movie, The Sound of Music. I know every song by heart and who doesn't want to be Liesel during the gazebo scene? From Vienna, I took a 3 hour bus ride to Salzburg which means Salt… Continue reading Salzburg, Austria & The Sound of Music Tour

Let the weekend begin…in Vienna!

St. Peter's Church
I have arrived! After a 3 hour drive to Chicago and 11 hours of travel time, I am so very happy to be here in Vienna, Austria. Quick tip, if you get the chance to fly on the airline from your destination country, take it. This is a great way to start hearing the language and… Continue reading Let the weekend begin…in Vienna!

Lush Bath Bomb

I bought a Rose Lush Bath Bomb for the first time today. When you drop it in the water, it fizzles filling the bath with rose scents and little petals. With the shopping season around the corner, this might be a great gift idea.

A Beach Scene for Megan Reynolds

My best friend, Megan Reynolds, just moved into her brand new home! She has gone through quite a bit since being in a car accident 4 years ago, which left her paralyzed from the waist down. I wanted to give her this oil painting because it reminded me of our first trip on our own…no… Continue reading A Beach Scene for Megan Reynolds

Knockout Facials

This week, I got to have the most AMAZING facial at Knockout. Absolutely WAY better than any I have had before. Lynnae gave me a full one hour facial complete with shoulder massage. I especially appreciated her giving me a sensory test so that I could pick out which oil scent matched my mood. I chose active… Continue reading Knockout Facials

Stained Glass Mosaic Coffee Table

On the lookout for a little coffee table I could put in between the two coral chairs in my living room, I finally decided to design a stained glass mosaic table myself. The pattern is based on the stained glass window I did last spring. Instead of one main orchid I did a whole stem… Continue reading Stained Glass Mosaic Coffee Table

Grand Rapids Art Prize 2014

My favorite! The Wind by Gil Bruvel

My Favorite! The Wind by Gil Bruvel: Gerald R. Ford Museum Luminous: Interpretations from the Heavens and Earth by Ryan Staub; Venue: The B.O.B. Feel Beauty by Hark + Hark (left) & Exposed by GRMakers (right); Venue: Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts Peralux by NewD Media (left) & Great Wall of Bees by Ladislav Hanka;… Continue reading Grand Rapids Art Prize 2014