My Cat

Fierce loves for Wes and I to tell him stories and lately he has been coming up with a few of his own. I thought it would be fun to use his stories as writing prompts for short stories I could tell him later. The words in green are his words.

My Cat:

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Fierce.

He had a cat named My Cat.

My Cat was the first to greet Fierce when he got home from school each day. The second Fierce entered the house, My Cat would snuggle up against Fierce’s leg. From there, it was one non-stop adventure after another! There was pirate treasure to be found, monster truck driving lessons and they were even the first astronauts to spend an entire afternoon on Neptune.

One day, My Cat was waiting patiently for Fierce to get home, but decided to sneak outside to feel the warm sun on his fur. He told himself he would only be gone for a few minutes as he skipped, jumped and lazily walked around the neighborhood. “Wait, what was that?” Sniffing the air, My Cat could have sworn he smelled a delicious bit of tuna. Yes! There it was! An almost empty can of tuna had fallen out of a neighbor’s trash can sitting by the road. His stroll quickly turned into an excited trot as he headed straight to the tuna. He ate up every last morsel and wondered if there might be more inside the big trash bin. Hmmm…

My Cat thought to himself, “If I can only jump up onto that box, make a daring leap onto the crate and then spring for the open lid…” He made it!

There were so many tasty treats. One half of an apple, some banana left on a peel and even a slice of tomato. His tummy was FULL from the feast and he was ready to head back home. He didn’t want to miss greeting Fierce when he got home from school, but when he looked up, the top of the trash can was a long way away. He jumped to get out, but couldn’t reach the top of the bin. It seemed to grow further away as he feared there was no way out. He began to make little, fretful meows. He could hear cars passing, but then he heard the deep rumbling of a garbage truck coming closer. His paws shook with desperation as the truck stopped right outside his trash can. My Cat began to meow with intensity. Louder and LOUDER he MEOWED! The trash can was being lifted into the air…Meow! Meow!


Fierce ran off the bus, opened the door to house and looked down at his feet expecting My Cat to welcome him home. However, My Cat was absent so Fierce looked all over the house, under the couch and in all of My Cat’s favorite hideouts. He widened his search to the yard, nearby trees and all the way to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, but there was no sign of My Cat. Fierce was determined to find My Cat as he grabbed his bike and raced down the sidewalk to search the neighbor’s yards. As he rode past the fifth house, he saw a garbage truck. It was about to lift the bin. Fierce found himself wondering how the mechanics worked. With the bin mid-air a loud meow caught his attention and he was pretty sure it was coming from the lifting trash can. Fierce threw down his bike and ran to signal the driver to “stop! “Stop! STOP!” Sure enough, when the driver lowered the can, Fierce said, “Hey! That’s My Cat!”

My Cat looked and smelled terrible. He needed a long, warm bath, but Fierce was so glad to have found My Cat that he hugged him closer than ever. My Cat snuggled extra close and breathed a sigh of grateful relief.

The End.

By Fierce and Kylene Almeida




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  1. Great story, Ky! I had fun making a poem:
    My Cat’s Tuna Feast

    Look all you want, search the world all around,
    But no cat like My Cat shall ever be found.

    Try as you will, but you’ll never find,
    A cat like My Cat – he’s one of a kind.

    He stays in the house, his life isn’t hard,
    He’s never so much as stepped out in the yard.

    That was back then, and this is right now,
    He snuck out the door and no one knows how.

    A marvelous cat, a magician is he,
    His tricks match those done by the Great Houdini.

    Once out of the house, he looked all around,
    He thought he should check out each part of the town.

    He skipped and he jumped and he swaggered his way,
    Down one street, then onto another he’d sway.

    He felt so important outside on his own,
    He thought he was king on a kingly cat’s throne.

    Around a street corner he turned with a flair,
    Could it be TUNA he smelled in the air?

    He spotted it out of the trash by the street,
    And as he ran closer the smell was so sweet.

    He hardly sat down to enjoy the quick snack,
    One gulp, then another, his lips he did smack!

    “I wonder if there are more treats to be found,”
    Thought My Cat as up on a box he did bound.

    Another great leap and onto a crate,
    The lid of the trash can was loose – “This is Great!”

    My Cat pushed the lid and inside he did go,
    And tumbled on garbage from head to his toe.

    He brushed himself off and sat down to a feast,
    Of more chunks of tuna, the feast wouldn’t cease.

    His belly got full and it stretched side to side,
    From all of the food he had swallowed inside.

    His belly all full as he sat back to rest,
    He thought suddenly of the home he had left.

    He started to meow as he looked all about,
    And thought he should jump up or try to climb out.

    But try as he might to get up to the top,
    My Cat couldn’t reach it by climb or by hop.

    Getting inside had been easy no doubt,
    But now My Cat worried he’d never get out.

    He panicked and MEOWED all the louder and then,
    He heard the trash pickup truck turn ‘round the bend.

    It wouldn’t be long and the truck would arrive,
    To dump all the trash with My Cat trapped inside.

    Fierce finished looking and put on his hat,
    When My Cat had vanished – POOF! – just like that.

    He wasn’t inside on the couch or the chair,
    Or on the pillows Fierce’ mom had laid there.
    My Cat must have snuck out to get some fresh air.

    Out the front door Fierce ran not knowing where,
    My Cat could have wandered, but where – here or there?

    He jumped on his bike and he sped down the street,
    Not knowing what he would find or would meet.

    He watched as the pickup truck worked like a breeze,
    And wondered how it picked up cans with such ease.

    They were so heavy when filled to the top,
    He wondered why they didn’t make the truck stop.

    He watched the truck lift a large trash can just now,
    And heard from inside the LOUDEST MEOOOWWW!

    “STOP!” STOP!” hollered Fierce at the driver just then,
    “Please put down the trash can, inside’s my best friend!”

    Fierce looked in the trash and yelled, “Hey! That’s My Cat!”
    He looked and smelled terrible, just think of that!

    But Fierce didn’t mind as My Cat nuzzled in,
    Rubbing his smelly fur onto Fierce’ chin.

    “You smelly old cat,” Fierce said with a laugh,
    “When we get back home, I’ll give you a bath.”

    My Cat nuzzled onto Fierce’ face all the more,
    While Fierce squeezed him tighter than ever before.

    The End

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