Rest in the reassurance of Christ.
He is always holding your hand through the deepest and darkest trials of your life in order to bring you towards growth and a new perspective.
In the valleys lost, but not alone.
Fully reliant upon Him for every move…
Then progress.

The challenge still lies ahead, but a new clarity and focus emerge.

The last few steps are exhausting.
Doubt creeps into the mind.
Look to Him. He will give you strength to arrive at His promise.
That last step brings a rewarding but tired smile.
Rest in His presence and praise His name. Shout His grace from the mountaintops.
He is preparing you for His purpose. Look how far you have come and know He is good. Look how far you have to go and be confident, because He does not ask you to do it alone.
He is love.
As He puts pencil to paper, rest in the knowledge that He is in control. He is a safe haven and knows you intimately.