Introducing Lynnae and John Oostema!

Amidst the excited chatter of women and girls, the bride was getting ready for her big day. At my parents house, we all had our makeup and hair done up to look our best. My mom made breakfast for us all and we smiled and clinked our mimosa glasses. Lynnae gave each of us girls a pair of drop dead gorgeous earrings. Everyone looked stunning in their individual emerald green dresses. Nothing could steal the show from Lynnae though, she looked like she stepped into a magazine for every picture.


I surprised my mom with flowers because June 17 is her birthday!

My sister Lynnae is one of the most beautiful girls and her love for John was apparent in everything she did that day. My favorite part of her ceremony was that she asked everyone to join her in worshiping Christ as they sang and lit the unity candle. It is so good to know that their relationship is built on a strong foundation of faith.

Of course, the after party was a blast as well. A party bus took the wedding party to Lake Michigan for a few photos. During the ride, my brothers put on a dance off which was just hilarious to watch.







My one big job was to deliver the maid of honor speech. I talked about how Lynnae and I have had many adventures. We are so different in personality, but have a lot of fun together. She is my best friend for life.

The ceremony had been at Dimnent Memorial Chapel and the reception was held under a big, white tent at John’s family cottage overlooking Lake Michigan. The dark night was twinkling with lights. The DJ had to ask guests to leave the dance floor so they could do the father-daughter dance. I love this because it just shows that everyone was already in a festive party mode. Later in the evening, Lynnae had us girls be her back up dancers as she performed a dance for John to a mix of their favorite music. John was so surprised. In the end, we all lit large sparklers as they closed the dance floor and left for their hotel. The whole night was perfectly gorgeous.

God bless you two!