How to make the BEST Caipirinha


To make the BEST Caipirinha ever, start by peeling 2 limes for each drink you will make. It is ok to leave a bit of the peel on the lime, but remove most of it so the flesh is easy to muddle later.


Next, cut the limes into 4 slices and them put them in a small glass (8oz works great).


Use a fork to muddle the limes. The more lime juice you produce, the better the drink will taste.

20170603_234501 (1)

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar into each drink.

20170603_234626 (1)

Then fill each glass to the brim with crushed ice (cubed ice does not taste good).


Add 2 tablespoons of Cachaca (Brazilian rum made from sugar cane). If you are not a rum fan, no worries. I hate rum and this is one of my favorite drinks.


Pour all of the contents of a glass into a shaker. Add a bit of water to the glass to make sure you grab all of the sugar and pour that into the shaker as well. Shake well and then pour the drink back into the glass.