Honeysuckle Tea

This morning I gathered yellow honeysuckle for my morning tea. The tea has a vibrant yellow color, smells a bit like grass and has a very calm or mild green tea taste. It was a beautiful way to start my weekend 🙂


Honeysuckle…to be or not to be?

To Be: Honeysuckle petals make a delicious and fragrant tea. It is said to help with coughs, reduce temperature and to remove toxins from the body (laxative). Avoid putting the leaves of the plant in the tea because it will make it taste bitter.

Not To Be: Do NOT put the honeysuckle berries in your tea or eat them. They are poisonous!

To Be: Hummingbirds love these plants so you will be able to sip tea and watch nature’s beauty.

Not To Be: Other wildlife also like these plants such as bees and moths…hmmmm

Anyways, it is best to harvest the petals when they first bloom because this is when they are the most fragrant. You can use the petals fresh or dry them. Boil water in your tea pot, pour it into your teacup to warm it up and then empty your tea pot. Place about 10 petals into your tea pot and pour boiling water (176-185°f) over the tea. Then steep for 3 minutes. Enjoy! You can also try it chilled. Both ways are delicious!

If you want to check out the book I have been basing my tea garden on, I really love and recommend it!: Homegrown Tea: An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes