Holland Farmer’s Market


It was supposed to snow, but my die-hard self, mother and aunt still wanted to go explore the Holland Farmer’s Market. It was windy and cold, but the sun shone through and it was a beautiful crisp fall day. One guy was playing his guitar and singing in his bare feet while the rest of us were clutching our coffee cups as we braved entering the market.

There is something about seeing all of the stands of brightly colored veggies, fruits, flowers, fresh breads, soup mixes, pumpkin stacks, etc. that just makes me smile. The whole scene is just beautiful. All of a sudden I am inspired to decorate my front porch for the fall, my mom is going to make a soup and my aunt is wishing she hadn’t just gone shopping the day before for her veggies.

One funny story…So my mother asked me for my keys so she could bring a few things back to the car before we continued to shop. She came back a bit later and we kept looking around. When we went to leave and got a bit closer to my car, I noticed the car door looked open. I said, “Mom, did you forget to shut the door?” “No, I locked it,” she responded. Then we all started to laugh as she and my aunt also noticed that although the car was indeed locked, the door was wide open. lol

The great thing about downtown Holland is that there are a bunch of quaint stores and cafes. We stopped at Cranes, which I have never been to before and got some chili to warm us up. After a coffee for the road, we headed back. Thanks Mom and Aunt Deb for a wonderful day!











  1. Thanks for sharing my love foe a fall day spent at the Farmer’s Market. Love to explore with you, even if it is just down the road a bit!

    1. Thank you! I hope we find all kinds of these little close-to-home adventures during the winter as well 🙂

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