He Made a Way Where There Was No Way


God has been so faithful to me. He instantaneously healed my back of scoliosis when I was a kid. He brought me through breast cancer 4 years ago. And now he is currently directing me through metastatic breast cancer. I found a random cancerous lump on my back last July which shocked the doctors and brought my case to the board so a treatment plan could be assessed. I had a PET scan done that showed it is in several places throughout my body. This is something that isn’t really supposed to happen when you are on Tamoxifen. I saw a neurologist because the cancer has “eaten” away bits of my spine and they wanted to make sure I wasn’t at risk of a fracture in my atlas. The doctor told me not to fall or get in a car accident. I found that a bit humorous. I am getting an Xgeva shot to build up bone strength and taking supplements to help as well. Then I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed because both progesterone and estrogen are feeding the cancer. I just started two different drugs to block any remaining hormones left in my body. I had another gene study done, but that has been pretty much ruled out now. So this is the best treatment plan going forward. I have no side effects so far so I am pretty happy about that!

I feel great! It’s always a bit up and down when you are waiting for results or anxious to get treatment started, etc. However, through it all I have been at peace with everything. Of course there is loss like not being able to have another child, but then I look at the child I have and wow! I am blessed! Wes is so great through all of this. He is an amazing level headed person who I can rely on for strength.

Last time I had cancer I had to cancel my travel plans. This time, I was able to take Fierce to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Andorra and meet up with my brother in Milan, Italy. All this just 8 days after surgery. I didn’t have any problems at all and I walked EVERYWHERE…lol. Thank you Lord! I appreciated it like breath to breath.


  1. My pecious daughter, I love and appreciate you so much! You are an amazing woman. Full of love for others, an awesone mother and wife and a beautiful child of mine. Such a gift from God.

    We are praying for a complete healing once again. He’s got this! We serve an awesome God!

    I love you girl!

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