Halfway Through Taxol

We are settling into St. Louis. We actually live just across the state line in O’Fallon, IL. Apartment living is like camping for now. The mattress is on the floor in our room and Fierce is using his pack ‘n play. The really neat part is that the minute you walk out your door all of our neighbors are incredibly friendly. The neighbor right below us has a little boy who is 2 years old so we have been spending a lot of time together. The Gorillas at the zoo caught Fierce’s amazement and the play place at the St. Louis Science Museum was Aniah’s favorite. There are a LOT of mommy and me things to do around here. Chick Filet and Barnes and Noble both have story times that are fun for kids. Fierce tends to take it all in and interact towards the end, but at least he is nice and quiet during the story time 😉

I have moved all of my chemotherapy treatments to Siteman’s Cancer Center (Washington University) and everyone is so sweet. I don’t have my own room, but the chairs are heated and pretty spread out so that is nice. My treatments are on Fridays now because Wes works 4 10 hour days and has Friday off. So far he has stayed home and watched Fierce, but this week they are both going to come with me and check out the family room. There isn’t a cafeteria, but you can have food ordered into the facility. My Dr. here put me on a half dose of the steroid I was on in MI to prevent nausea and reactions to the chemo and I have done really well. I am all about taking less drugs! I was also able to go off of the benadryl which is awesome because I need to be able to drive home and not be sleepy.

Before my first treatment my friend, Maeva, sent me a hand crocheted blanket for me to use during my treatments. It is warm and so adorable. My sister-in-law, Lyndsay, sent me a pot of succulents right before we left MI so I hope she is happy to know that they survived the move and are now loving this heat advisory weather. Megan wrote me a sweet card with a gas card in it and then when I got here she mailed me a starbucks card because she missed our coffee dates. Meg, I plan to be home for surgery in September, so coffee will be on me in person! Thanks girls for thinking of me and being so incredibly sweet.




Jen Singer, who has clung to Christ through the tragedy of losing twins, saw this tank and sent it to me. Thank you so much and please know that you are in my prayers.

Wes’ new job is through Scott’s Air force Base. When we first arrived he brought me to see the planes that are on show right before you get to the base. I have not been on base yet, but I should be able to after I get the appropriate ID or permission. I would love to get to know some more people that are in similar situations and I heard there are a lot of kid friendly events on base as well.

Before I wrap this long post up, I want to say a HUGE thank you to my Mom, Dad, Lynnae, Tate, Blake, Will, Sara and my Aunt Deb for helping us pack and move. I can’t believe how much work it required and you all were dedicated! Thanks!



  1. Hi Ky, It was good to hear what’s happening with you. We got your card and would love to come see you guys sometime. You have a beautiful home. ( I saw the picture you posted on face book.) I also enjoy the pics of Fierce. I was wondering if you could send a couple of recent pictures of him to Grandma K. I told her he was 1 now, so maybe you could give her one of him at his birthday party. She is doing a little better at Rose Garden now. Take care, Uncle Jim and I love you much. You rock girl!!!!!

    1. Hey Aunt Jan, thanks so much. I will definitely send Grandma a picture and a card. I will make sure I stop by and see her when I come up for the surgery 🙂 See you soon!

  2. You are so beautifully fierce! So many changes at such a difficult time is so hard….. Prayers continue kylene!

  3. I’m so proud of you for handling this trial with a fantastic attitude. I love you!

  4. I really appreciate you making time to write this blog. I feel closer to you by following your journey. You are truly a ray of sunshine and this blog is like a breath of fresh air! Love you xo

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