Hair Donation Day!


13″ of hair cut off and I am left with a really cute bob thanks to Legend’s Design. A while ago, Wes suggested that since I was going to loose my hair, I might consider donating it to a good cause. I mentioned it to my friend Megan and she got the ball rolling right away! She found a great organization called “Children With Hair Loss” that makes wigs for kids with cancer. We both loved their slogan “Covering young heads to heal young hearts.” Meg works for Legend’s Design so she set up an appointment for me to have Kaylee Hoekman cut my hair.


I arrived with my entourage, Jessica, Sophia and Ava because I needed Jess to drive and the girls to watch Fierce. They were so adorable and kept him a busy, happy baby. When I sat down, Meg gave me a card from the whole staff and let me know that Jennifer Becksvoort, the owner, was giving me a complimentary service. Thank you so much!

You could really notice their Christ centered salon through their decor proclaiming it and the music playing throughout. That day, one of my favorite songs by Casting Crowns was on and I really appreciated the words: “I will praise you in this storm, I will lift my hands, You are who You are, no matter where I am.”




  1. Tears…what a day to remember. God is good and He is going to be glorified through it all! I love you Ky!

  2. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! What an inspiration you are, KY!! Your attitude is both amazing and contagious! I wish my hair was longer (and not dyed!) and I would donate it too!! Praying for you, my dear!! <3 ya! 🙂

  3. You look stunning! What a wonderful idea to donate your beautiful hair to someone else in need. Prayers lifted up on your behalf as I write this

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