Fierce’s 1st Easter


We had such a lovely Easter this year. Christ is Risen! It started out with a Good Friday meal hosted by my brother and sister-in-law, Will and Sara. Each thing we ate symbolized a part of the Passover or Resurrection of Christ. Fierce partook in the unleavened bread and apples 😉

Saturday, the Almeidas came to our house for food, an Easter egg hunt, and decorating Easter eggs. It was Asher’s first time doing the dipping eggs in dye method so it was pretty fun to see his mad scientist ways as he mixed the blue and yellow to make his favorite color, green. We also found out that Gratian is a chocolate lover and therefore, can remain in the family 😉 Aunt Sara got Fierce an Easter basket full of baby crackers, books and other goodies. He especially liked the book that told the Easter story and the lamb stuffed animal. Of course the adults ended the night playing the game, Pandemic…perhaps not exactly religious, but we did enjoy each other’s company and I think God smiles on that as well.

Easter Sunday we went to Grand Rapids First Assembly of God. Pastor Sam talked about how Christ’s death and resurrection could not have been made up. I had never thought about it before, but it is interesting that Jesus reveals himself to women first. Women held no real role in society at the time so it would have been beneficial for the apostles to omit that part of the story. However, they wanted to tell it in its fullness and all of them mention this fact.

After church, we had lunch at my parents house. They “oooohed and aaahhed” over Fierce’s linen suit and his never-ending cuteness. My Dad played with Fierce on the floor and my mom, sister and I all decorated eggs and let Fierce check them out afterwards. My brothers both played with Fierce. Fierce is so interested in what they are doing; they are going to be great role models.

God is so good. Thank you Lord for dying on the cross and resurrecting 3 days later. You have saved us from our sins and I can’t wait to meet you in Heaven someday.





“The Easter basket is over there, Gratian…on the count of three…” -Fierce




“I found it! Chooooocoooooolaaaate!!!!” -Gratian



“Yup, I am cute.”



Happy Easter from the Almeidas and the Kalawarts!