Fierce’s 1st Birthday






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Fierce turned 1 on July 19!

We celebrated a few days earlier so we could have the party at Sandy Pines and invite all of our family and close friends. I can’t believe how many people ended up coming and spoiling Fierce. Thank you!

Before the party started, it just so happened to be family day at Sandy Pines so there was food, games and a petting zoo to explore. It was so cute to see Fierce’s love for animals as he rode the pony, petted the goats and bunnies, and held a baby chick.

Later we went to my parents trailer and had our race car themed party. Fierce loves wheels of any kind so I thought it was fitting. Vroom Vrrrooom! I had cookies decorated to look like the invitations as well as a mini cake for Fierce to dive into. He looked more curious than excited, but at least we got a classic messy-faced photo!

It was such a fun day that by the time we made it to the water park, Fierce slept through that adventure 😉 However, I think my friends kids enjoyed the pool and water slide. I really do love to see the kiddos faces light up at Sandy Pines.

Thanks again to everyone who came and celebrated with us. It meant a lot to us to see you before we left to St. Louis. I miss you all so much.




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