Fierce Ryu Almeida’s First Road Trip


Three weeks old and on the road with his momma, Grandma, Ret and Linda. My mom and her friends have a goal to see the entire coastline of western Michigan. This year I joined them as they started just south of Muskegon. There is one rule, you can’t stop at a place the group has been before. This year they added one caveat “…unless the baby needs something.” Are they not the best?

One of our first shoreline stops was at Norman F. Kruse Park. It is so incredibly quaint. I instantly wanted to plan a return trip to picnic here. There is wheelchair access so you can bring a stroller right down to the beach. The beach is on the smaller side, but that just means the water is within a reasonable walking distance. It seemed like a little gem because almost no one was there and we had the whole beach to ourselves.




We drove along past Beachwood Park next and this would have been a simply scenic experience if it hadn’t been for the surf board rental shop. The surf boards made for a cute pic so we stopped, but then out came the owner zany as ever…and I quote “I am 60, but I am not done.” I am quite certain we all laughed for a good half hour after meeting him.



Just past Pere Marquette Park is the USS Silversides Submarine Museum. We only walked around the outside by the water, but there were two submarines you can look at and one you can go inside and look around. It was pretty neat. There were even a few torpedoes on display…Fierce really liked this stop 😉




Muskegon State Park was up next on the map. We took a break at a picnic table on the beach. Fierce and I took the opportunity for a photo op, enjoyed the lake breeze and joined the ladies for our next stop at Duck Lake. Here, I jumped out of the car, took a picture and we were off again.





Next up was Whitehall, MI. We decided to check out part of Michigan’s Lighthouse tour and stopped at the White River Light Station. I was surprised that it actually looked like a real house complete with a beautiful garden. After we walked around a bit, we went to Picadill’s for a waffle cone full of mint chocolate chip and Coffee Lover’s Dream ice cream. If you ever go here, make sure to take your order outside to the back gardens. The tables are surrounded by lush flower beds and it is worth seeing its beauty.







My mom had to use the caveat to the rule when we got to Pentwater because she wanted to show me the cutest bookstore in the whole world. Storybook Village is ran by an adorable retired couple who love kids. They know everything there is to know about each children’s book in their store and tell you all about what makes each book you picked out special.  For a small fee, each day at a certain time, you can  drop off your kids for a couple of hours. When you come back your kids have read a book and put on a costume play based on what they read for all of the parents.



The best of the sun hours were waning so we decided to go to Ludington as the next beach spot on the map before dinner.  The ladies all went in the water while I tended to Fierce. Then we went for a walk on the beach. Pretty soon we were all ready for dinner so we went to Lucciano’s Ristoranti. I had a delicious pizza and they all got an eggplant dish they are still raving about. It was certainly a delicious end to a great day!