Exploring Zeeland, MI


I have been working hard to increase my endurance level of walking. Although I am sure I had one of the easiest pregnancies known to man, I had terrible ligament pain which made it difficult to walk very far. Then I tore pretty bad during the birth of my son, Fierce, which didn’t help. Well, now it is just over 2 months later and I feel great! This past Tuesday I realized that if I still lived in London like I did in college, I would not think twice about walking miles and miles and miles and miles to buy groceries. Our Meijer is only 3 miles away so I wanted to see if I could make it there and back. Plus, my friend, Ali, had given me a Starbucks gift card so a coffee from the Meijer Starbucks would be my goal and reward.

I made it! I did it again the next day just so I could prove to myself it wasn’t a fluke. Thursday I decided to walk to downtown Zeeland. It is a little strip of stores with a quaint touristy vibe. My friend, Megan, works at Legends Design so I decided to surprise her with frozen yogurt. Plus, on my way I discovered Paw Paw Footbridge which is like a little hidden gem. I would never have noticed it if I hadn’t been walking.

Friday was the Zeeland Pumpkin Fest, so I got Fierce’s picture with a pumpkin and a caramel apple for myself. I continued my walk to meet my friend, Robin, at her company, Eagle Design & Technology. I just loved visiting with her and it was the first time she had gotten to see Fierce so that was super fun. On my way back I discovered another great find in the Zeeland downtown area. 6eight coffee shop has been in business for 5 years and I never noticed it before. It is based on Isaiah 6:8, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send and who will go for Us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I. Send Me!'” They have several items for sale that help support missionaries. Of course, the coffee was good too 😉

This Monday I was ready to push my limits so my goal was to make it to the Drenth Village Dipper Ice Cream Store. On the way we saw a farm with sheep grazing. As we walked by, they ran up to us and it was so cute. Later we found a home that had a little miniature house that had a mini-library in it where anyone can take a book as long as they leave one behind. I kinda wished I had a book on me to offer. When I arrived at the Village Dipper, ice cream never tasted so good. By the time I got back I had walked 11.4 miles! I was pretty proud of myself 😉